11:22 pm - Wed, Sep 25, 2013
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Women CEOs are a gold mine for company stocks

With the demographics of technology and aerospace executive leadership slowly changing to include more women, there have been startling discoveries made recently that are too mind blowing not to share.

Per booz.com’s “2012 Chief Executive Study,” the number of CEO turnovers in 2012 was the second-largest in the 13-year history of the study, second only to that in 2005. Among new CEOs in 2012, only 5 percent—or 15—were women. This figure is the highest since 2009, but still tiny.

Since 2012, it doesn’t take much research to notice that there have been drastic increases in stock prices since women have come into power. One example is Marillyn Hewson elected president and COO and chief executive officer (CEO) and president of Lockheed Martin on November 9, 2012. As shown below in the graph the Lockheed Martin (LMT) stock price has increased almost 43% since the announcement.



LMT Courtesy of MSN Money

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9:43 pm - Tue, Aug 6, 2013

Scrum Approach to running Agile SE meetings

Two months after the newly minted Agile System Engineering (SE) Working Group is initiated, there is a realization that the group comprised of a range of experienced Agile developers to novices. To maximize the benefit to all, a decision is made to run the meetings using Scrum to efficiently learn concepts and give experts additional real-time experience.

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PTA Volunteer Coordination Social Media Must Have’s

Parents are social media savvy folks, and like the convenience of mobile notifications. Three useful tools to build an immediate network to parents are:

1) A Facebook page linked to other local PTA/city/business entities with a minimum of 1 daily message. Invite parents via .cvs file of email addresses to “Like” the page for real-time updates of fundraisers, events, and learning material. Make it a competition and engaging for parents so you don’t lose followers. Try to minimize begging for money and maximize content.

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